Barcelona, Part Two


If you missed my first Barcelona post, then click here (it's a good one, I promise!).

For my second, and sadly last day of my whistle-stop tour of Barcelona, we got up early, and hopped on a bus over to Park Güell. 

Designed largely by Gaudí, at every turn there's a new, interesting element to the park.

Functional features, like the colonnade or benches, are designed in the signature Gaudí style; erratic mosaics adorn unusual shapes and lines, taking influence from nature.


My ever-patient tour guide (Julia) informed me that these mosaics were created by Gaudí throwing dining plates on the floor, then rearranging the pieces. I think they're - cue the groans- smashing!

The natural influence seen in Gaudí's work pairs beautifully with the garden landscape of Park Güell, and we took our time weaving around the flower beds that complete the Park. 

Don't rush around Park Güell, and I'd recommend wandering rather than following the guided instructions, allowing yourself to discover all the interesting elements of the park for yourself.

It's far more fun to chance across a stone washerwoman unexpectedly, don't you think?

I think I've grown quite fond of Gaudí's mosaics.

One caught my eye in particular. Some might say he's tiled, others might say scaled...

With water dribbling from his mouth, some might say Gaudí's famous lizard statue had a little bit too much to drink last night...or maybe he's just thinking about lunch. 

Having Güell and truly explored Park Güell (sorry), it was time for the next stop on our Gaudí themed adventure. 

Sagrada Família!

Visiting Barcelona's iconic landmark, the first think that strikes you is the sheer size of the cathedral. It. Is. Huge. 

Once inside, the jagged, abstract architecture and the light filtering through the stained glass interplay with one another to create a surreal, serene atmosphere. 

I can't overstate how stunning the light inside the cathedral is. Unlike traditional stained glass windows, Sagrada Família's stained glass doesn't depict biblical narratives, but instead uses colour and uniquely shaped panes to evoke that sense of awe in a visitor. 

Having admired stained glass to our hearts content, and marvelled at how big it's actually going to be when it's finally finished, we'd built up quite an appetite. Step in Da Greco; one of Julia's favourite restaurants in Barcelona, and soon to be mine (and yours!). 

Entry into Da Greco feels almost like being admitted to a secret club. Perfectly, instagrammably pink from the outside, customers knock on the door and wait (impatiently) for a waitress to let them know if there's space. 

You definitely want to be let in on this secret, because the food is not to be missed.

Creamy, buttery risotto cooked inside of a Parmesan wheel. So simple, but incredibly more-ish.

Here's the best part of Da Greco; whatever your partner orders, you get a small portion on a side plate for you to sample for yourself. As a perpetual food-stealer, that's certainly an idea I can get behind.

Wild mushroom ravioli with Parmesan and cream sauce. Rich, balanced, and perfectly seasoned. 

If you're in Barcelona, definitely give Da Greco a whirl. 

That's all folks! Thank you so much to Julia for hosting me. If you're interested in travel photography that's 100% better than mine, check out her instagram here.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I've never been to Barcelona but I would love to visit one day.

  2. I went to Barcelona a couple of years ago and I had a great time! Loved your pictures!
    Just found your blog and I'm following on GFC! :)

    1. Thank you so much Michele! Excited to check out your blog xx

  3. This looks amazing, I didn't know there was so much to see. You can never go wrong with an adventure park and the tiled mosaic work looks stunning x

  4. That ravioli looks delicious! For some reason I assumed there wouldn't be much greenery, but your photos have proved me wrong!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. It was so good! There wasn't all that much in the city centre, but the park was much greener. Thanks for commenting! xxx

  5. Barcelona looks so beautiful and so do you!

    Joy to the World


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